Montreal Guardian "A Day in the Life" with Actor Singer Patricia Summersett 



"Just yesterday I turned to Patricia and said: “These notes right here…these are yours.” We were playing through one of our songs and we’d reached the best part. Patricia’s craft, her instincts and uncanny ear are responsible for the best parts of most of our songs…and indeed most of our collaborations.

These days people tend to associate Patricia Summersett with the role of Nintendo’s Princess Zelda. I know Patricia as an actor, a voice artist, a singer, a songwriter, a scriptwriter, a letter-writer, an ice dancer, a thoughtful introvert and friend. Although it feels strange to put ‘friend’ at the end of this list because it is friendship that lies at the centre of our innumerable collaborations…"

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 


Patricia Summersett reflects back on Breath of the Wild on the release of Tears of the Kingdom

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"…With the launch of "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom," Summersett once again flawlessly embodies the regal and courageous Princess Zelda, bringing even more depth and emotion to the character."

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New Single: If We Go Back 

Summersett Band releases a new single from upcoming LP ‘More of the World’

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Three Pines premiere 

Three Pines is directed by Sam Donovan and Tracey Deer and stars Alfred Molina. The series is based on the novels of Louise Penny. It streams on Amazon Prime starting Dec 2nd.

Patricia joins the cast as Angela Blake

Images by John Mahoney

Pictured with Sarah Booth who portrays Yvette Nichol